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Benefits of Using Freeze Dry Machine

  • Dehydrated Foods Taste Great: Using a Freeze Dried Fruit Machine to remove moisture from food items such as fruits, vegetables and meats, creates naturally concentrated, rich and delicious tasting food.

    Not only that, but when making food yourself, you know the quality and freshness of the produce you are using - unlike when eating dehydrated foods purchased from the grocery store.

    Reduce food waste & extend shelf life

    Never waste food again with a food dehydrator. Using your leftover fruits and vegetables in a food dehydrator will extend their shelf life for up to 2 years! Yes, that's right - 2 years!

    Below are just a few ways you can reduce food waste by preserving food with a dehydrator and keeping your pantry stocked year round whilst saving yourself some money in the process;

    Manage a bigger veggie or herb garden without the worry of food going to waste - simply use the dehydrator to dry your herbs or make veggie chips. Some veggies that work great in the dehydrator include kale, beetroot, turnips, carrots, sweet potatoes and even green beans.

    Buy bulk in season to save your family money. For example; buy a tray of mangoes in the middle of summer, dehydrate them and be having fresh mango smoothies in the middle of winter!

    Save foods that would otherwise spoil, like the forgotten fruit in the back of your refrigerator, and turn them into delicious healthy treats and snacks like fruit leathers.

    Dehydrated food can be also be "re-hydrated" simply with water or by adding to soups, casseroles, stews or pasta sauces.

    Create Healthy & 100% Natural Foods

    Dehydrating foods requires only one ingredient, the food you’re drying, so not only is it 100% natural, but you benefit from all the minerals and fibre of the whole fruit, and unlike cooking and steaming, you don’t lose any of the nutritional content of the foods you are dehydrating.

    Dehydrating will change the way you look at foods. Simple fruits and vegetables can be transformed into delicious, healthy snacks and treats. Healthy alternatives to junk foods can be made in a dehydrator and the possibilities are literally endless! You will probably be surprised at the amount of foods which you consume which are actually dried and you can make yourself - sultanas, dried herbs, dates etc.

    When we think of dried fruit, we tend to associate it with a "healthy snack" and a lot of the time when people are dieting they consume large quantities of dried fruit thinking it is a healthy alternative to sweets or lollies. However, this is not the case when it comes to store-bought dried fruit. Many store-bought dried fruits contain added sugars, sulfur dioxide and trans fat - all of which can be harmful to you and your family!

    Sulfur dioxide is sometimes added to store bought dried fruit in order to prevent discolouration. Sulfur dioxide can cause asthma, skin rashes and stomach pains. Sulfur dioxide is particularly present in dried apricots, which is what gives them the bright orange colour.

    By making your own dried fruits, there is no additives or preservatives - you are in control of what goes into your food! If you are tired of not being able to give your children and family healthy snacks, a food dehydrator is your answer. Find out more about our Fruit Processing Machine reviews or click gf-machine

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